Blogging can be very exciting but it can be very tricky at the same time since its a very hard work. You have to keep yourself updated and the content you provide to your followers should be very crisp and catchy. For that, you need to have very good communication skills. It takes time to build a space between other existing bloggers.

You need to be unique and should be able to define your own personal style. What I feel is that blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, there is a lot of pressure on do’s and don’t. When you are the only one responsible for your blog, you are the only one accountable.

The rise of blogging in a couple of years has increased tremendously, so the competition is huge. To survive in the industry you need to be very efficient and have to bear the criticism. Only good content can make you survive, if you have not done your research right, people will stop reading your content. You have to be very active on social media and sometimes its hard to catch up and perhaps a challenging task to make an influence on people’s lives.

These are the few tips that might make blogging a little easy

  • Be yourself- Try to bring the best outta you and be your original self.
  • Be creative- Always do something out of the box, no repetitions, experiment more.
  • Quality over quantity- you don’t need to post more but whatever you post should be unique and catchy.
  • Research – Do your homework before you write about something, half knowledge is dangerous.
  • Unique- Think what will make people read your site or why should they follow you?

I know this sounds exhausting but once you get a hang of it, you can be a nomad.

So me and my blogger friend Malin from Germany have shared some thoughts about blogging. Go read her views on . We did a collaboration street style post on the streets of Berlin. I hope you like it.


Photography : @maxpowerphoto

Jeans: H&M

Top: Primark

Shoes : Asos

Jacket: Zara

Much love,

Tessa x Malin


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  1. Japnoor kaur Madahar Reply

    Ah!! Finally you are back with the bang my dear. I was missing you and your blog post. I was constantly visiting your site and I noticed that something went wrong with this site but now seeing you and your post I am really very happy. .its so delightful to see you and the knowledge you rendered is very helpful. ..You are looking soo gorgeous, edgy and trendy..I am in love with your jeans ….keep going girl. ..lots of love and respect by my side

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