Dungaree: Forever21
Denim: Cotton on
Shoes: H&M

Hello to my Vogue family.

It has been quite a while since I threw a blog post on my website, I have been quite busy all these months with something good but I have hell loads of blog posts on different looks and styles coming up and I’m very much excited for the same. So this one is basically all about the denim jacket that I have been literally carrying everywhere even though the weather is still warm but I can’t help. Denim jackets are such pieces in our wardrobe which never goes out of style. The 90s trend is timeless. I am never ashamed of wearing this trend on any kind of dress, hoodie, crop top just name it. There are multiple choices in the market for choosing a denim jacket but if you aren’t sure which one to pick you better stick to the standard blue denim jacket just like I did. Mine are washed out plus ripped denim. Definitely one of my favourite piece in my wardrobe.

But today I paired up my denim jacket in a very different way i.e with a sea green blue coloured dungaree, wore my suede ankle length shoes to get the September end feels. This outfit feels so chic and comfortable at the same time. Also, my hair is complementing well with this attire. I wonder how a hairstyle can change the entire look of the person. As I love experimenting with my clothes I also love playing with my hair every now and then. I want a change in everything as I can’t be the same way in any way because I think change helps you to grow out to a better person. It’s like investing in yourself you can call it self-love. Trust me, it’s so powerful personally and professionally. People who avoid change are probably stagnant and don’t actually realise this life hack can change their lives for good. Tell me about yourself, do you guys like change? Just like fashion how it changes quickly and you gotta try something new and different. It’s super cool and appealing to me.

Thank you for your love and time,







  1. Loved ur blog post . Yes I like changes ,I keep on trying something different but never experimented wid my hair .Would definitely try out something new . Thanks for this post di ,m super excited for more n more upcoming post . U look dynamic and I love your curls. Di u r so damn beautiful ,u r goals seriously . No words r left for this untitled beauty .Love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .God bless u di . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Japnoor Kaur Madahar Reply

    Ahan !! What a relief to see you back on your blog sista….You look absolutely stunning and cute like a cupcake. I am following you last one and a half years and I know that you love experimenting with yourself. And I love the changes you brought in yourself…really I appreciate it !! You look more and more beautiful in every style and every change..be it you brown hairs..your curls…your Berlin look…your Punjabi look…your look while you visited China. ..your casual looks …everything is just amazing and fab !!…. And yeah I really like changes but seeing you I actually started experimenting with myself too….For me you are an inspiration and I adore you. …God bless you sweet soul.

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