This blog post is in collaboration with Kiehl’s India.

Kiehl’s is an American cosmetic brand retailer that specializes in premium skin, hair, and body care products which started in 1851 as a single pharmacy in Manhattan. Some of the Kiehl’s products are followed religiously by many famous personalities in this world Eg- Huda Beauty swears by Kiehl’s Mid Night Recovery. There are so many other things about the brand that you probably didn’t know about. I am going to make you familiar with few of them.

  • -There is a Mr.Bones in every Kiehl’s Store which is known as the brand’s mascot.
  • – Kiehl’s make customized skin care products related to your own personal skin problems, isn’t that so cool?
  • – Every Kiehl’s store is also known to have a motorcycle. “It entertained the guys while the ladies shopped — and it was also a very clever way to introduce to Kiehl’s men’s products to them,” says Salgardo.
  • -Kiehl’s also have a special range of Men and Baby products.
  • – The amazing thing that I recently came to know about Kiehl’s is that they try the products in extreme conditions before launching. Like they actually went to Alaska to test the Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm.

I and my mom got a chance to hold a Mothers Day special event at Elante Mall Chandigarh as #afternoonwithkiehls on 11th May 2017. It was my pleasure spending the afternoon with the lovely expertise staff, my Instagram friends, blogger babes and their moms. It was followed by food and drinks, personal skin care consultations, chit-chats, selfie sessions, meet and greets. Everyone including the mothers got a chance to get themselves pampered by the Kiehl’s staff who offered detailed discussions and suggestions related to the skin.

Everyone out there got goody bags including the sample products related to their skin type for them to try out the specific products before they make a decision to buy them. It was a great opportunity for the beautiful ladies who came to attend the event to know more about their skin and how can they easily improve it by just adding few key products to their daily routine. I also got a chance to get my own skin checked by the Kiehl’s skin care expert and I have been using all the products lately given by Kiehls as my morning and evening regime, I must say that my skin feels super soft and has gone spot free in no time. Even my mom is using the whole range of customized products given by Kiehl’s according to her skin. We both are very grateful with the results as the products are organic without harsh chemicals and skin friendly. One can clearly make out the difference when you wake up in the morning with the fresh dewy finish skin. I feel addicted to the products already.

I would like to thank all the beautiful girls and their moms for attending the Kiehl’s event. Kiehl’s definitely gave us all an insight into the importance of a good skincare steps for a supple and glowing skin no matter what age.



Hello my loves,

This blog post is in collaboration with JUST HERBS.

So many of you asked me about my skin care routine with product detailing. So today I’m going to update you guys about my current summer personal care. My skin is very oily and acne prone so currently, I am using the products from JUST HERBS which are keeping my skin healthy.

About Just Herbs:

Just Herbs is a line of pure, bespoke, and Ayurvedic results-driven skincare made from certified organic and wild crafted ingredients collected from across India. The brand stands for honesty (follows full ingredients disclosure) and purity (uses authentic Ayurvedic herbs without harmful commonplace cosmetic chemicals).

Just Herbs is an award winning, international line of pure, bespoke and Ayurvedic beauty and spa products made from ECOCERT certified organic ingredients collected from farms across India.


Internationally, they sell across South East Asia through where we are the only Indian Skincare brand available and also on home shopping networks in the USA and UK.

About the products:

Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Ayurvedic Face Wash:

This is the face wash I literally swear by. It contains certified organic Neem and Aloe Vera. It smells amazing, so refreshing, it really suits my acne prone skin. It even helps me remove my makeup very smoothly. The best thing about it is that is petrochemicals and parabens free. What all do you want? It keeps my skin hydrated and baby soft. I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. I suggest you guys switch to this product, its heaven!!!!!!!

Herb Enriched Skin Tint:

This product is life guys especially in summers when I say this I really mean it. It works as my everyday base and also works as a sun protection yasssss, it blends easily, helps minimize my large pores and also covers light marks on my skin. It suits all skin types. Go and get hold of it. I love it just because of its non-greasy for my oily skin.

Blemigel Anti Blemish Gel:

I am using this translucent gel every night before I go to bed. I massage it with my fingertips over the affected area. I have few acne scars over my cheeks which never go but I have seen a visible difference, they are getting lighter with time. Need some more patience to get rid of my scars completely. This product enhances the natural skin renewal process while preventing melanin from coming over the surface.

NoSun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturising Sun Protection Gel:

This product works as 2-in-1 for you. It moisturizes and also gives protection from the sun. This sun protection gel is specially formulated for oily skin. It is enriched with Jojoba, Wheatgerm and Grape-seed oil along with Green tea extract and Aloe Vera. This multi-tasking product effectively replenishes skin’s lost moisture and forms a protective barrier to UV rays to prevent sun spots, freckles, and sun-induced wrinkles.

This formula is perfect for oily skin where you can rely only on one product for UV protection and moisturizing. It gets absorbed quickly and it’s perfect to use under your makeup. I totally recommend it for daily use.

Gotukola Indian Ginseng Rejuvenating Beauty Elixir Facial Serum:

This has to be my favorite product out of all. It gives me that natural glow which every girl wants. My skin feels dead at the end of the day, its when I need this product. The Beauty Elixir Facial Serum is fragrance-free, lightweight and non-greasy. I recommend you guys apply it to your skin after cleansing but before applying the moisturizer. After using it, I wake up every morning with fresh young skin.

Hope you guys find this review helpful! If you need any guidance regarding the products from JUST HERBS please feel free to ask your queries.

Following is the coupon code details that any one of you can use:

Coupon code- vpardizsp
Minimum Spend- 1600 INR
Free gift- Silksplash Face Wash
Valid till- 31st July 2017
Valid in- India only

Visit their website:



Hi beautiful ladies!

How are you all doing? So I attended the VLCC event on SUNDAY and it was indeed very helpful as it helped me clear few things right there in my mind. Let me share them with you all.

I have always ignored my skin care routine since I was a teenager. I was very lazy to even apply a sunscreen before heading out. My skin has always been normal to oily so I did not even bother to use moisturiser before. It’s been quite some time now that I have started to take care of my skin on the regular. It happened when I started getting acne on my face due to open pores, dust, pollution and excess oil on my face.

I started doing CTM since a year back and not many people knew about it. For instance, I skipped the moisturising step in summers and jumped directly to the sunscreen most of the times. But after attending the VLCC event, I am sure I was skipping out on something really important.

Let me introduce CTM to those readers who have no idea about what it is and how it works. CTM is basically cleansing, moisturising and toning. This is the only thing which will help your skin to improve, only if you follow it religiously, no skipping girls. No matter what your skin type is – dry, oily or normal you ought to bring this change in your routine from today itself. The benefit of following CTM was unknown before, but now it should be the part of one’s lifestyle.


Cleansing is the first, foremost step which is basic and very common one that almost everyone follows. I prefer using foam free cleanser since my skin is oily. Cleansing also includes wiping your makeup off with a makeup remover or olive/coconut oil and then washing your face off with a cleanser. Make sure that your cleanser is mild if you have breakout prone skin. Avoid strong products with harsh chemicals on your face. Also, I recommend using a mild scrub to shed the dead cells twice in a week for your face & body. This will leave your skin smooth and fresh.

Toning is the very essential for each and everyone. This is my favorite step. Most of the women out there aren’t aware of the benefits of toning. Let me tell you that toning is something which helps you to clean your pores and reduces the chances of breakouts, helps you get rid of dead cells what else do you want in life girls? No to acne problems and dull skin issues. I have literally seen a difference in my skin to what it was like a year back. It’s much better now if you ask me as to what it was like before. We cannot stop going out in the sun and pollution, but we can take precautions and reduce the chances of breaking out. Toning also helps to reduce the blackheads and whiteheads formation on your skin. Use a cotton ball and clear your skin out with a toner, you will see the pore residues/ impurities right on the cotton ball when you’re done, that means your skin is still not clean after cleansing. It needs a little extra care and attention. So this step is worth your time. Get a radiant, flawless skin right after this step.

After you’re done with cleansing and toning the next step is moisturising which I use to skip and thought it wasn’t a big deal since I had oily skin but I was wrong. I came to know the benefits of moisturising my face after attending the VLCC event, that cleansing and toning leave your pores open and skin might start looking patchy if you don’t use a moisturiser after that. Even if your skin is oily, moisturising is very essential to balance the natural oils. I am using non-greasy moisturiser from vlcc which helps in controlling acne & excess sebum secretion, leaving my skin radiant & matte. I apply it twice a day and the results are visible. My skin has gone very supple like a baby.

After this the another important step is to protect your skin by applying sunscreen 365 days a year, no matter wherever you are. This should be done every day. This was the point which was stressed upon the most during the VLCC event. sunscreen is like a shield which protects you from the harmful UV rays, pollution and dust in the air. It helps to prevent skin discoloration and blotchiness.
So follow CTM twice a day and see the results yourself. You can thank me later.

Another issue which is very common these days is of dark circles.
The dark discoloration under our eyes can be because of many obvious reasons like it can be heredity, stress, bad lifestyle or unhealthy diet. Though it is not a serious problem but if you don’t take care of it, it might get worse and make you look tired, dull and unhealthy pretty much all the time.

The best remedy which I follow is to use an under eye gel which should be stored in the refrigerator for the best results. Gently massage it under and above your eyes before going to bed. It will give you a soothing cold relaxed effect. Introduce this step to your daily routine you will definitely see good results. Avoid using your phones or laptops after this process as it may not give you the desired results.

Another easy remedy that I indulge in after removing my makeup is use of rose water.
Take chilled rose water, soak the cotton balls in it and put them on your eyelids for about 10-12 minutes and you are good to go. It is so relaxing especially in summers its the best part of the day. Your eyes will feel refreshed and rejuvenate in no time.


VLCC Health Care Limited is an Indian multinational beauty and wellness centre specializing in scientific weight management solutions, skin and haircare treatments, beauty services and personal care. The company currently operates in 323 locations across 150 cities with a presence in 11 countries.

Check out their website for skin tips and welfare products.